Saturday, 7 December 2013

What Happens During DB Creation.

Starting Oracle Instance by exporting  ORACLE_HOME and INITIAL parameters

Starting Sequence of Back Ground Process

PMON background process Started
PSP0 background process started
VKTM background process started
GEN0 background process started
DIAG background process started
DBRM background process started
DIA0 background process started
MMAN background process started
DBW0 background process started
LGWR background process started
CKPT background process started
SMON background process started
RECO background process started
MMON background process started
MMNL background process started

Starting 1 Dispatcher for Network Address '(ADDRESS=(PARTIAL=YES)(PROTOCOL=TCP))'
Starting 1 Shared Server

Creation of Control File

Starting ASMB background process
Starting RBAL background process
Starting MARK background process
MARK load ASM lib and mount the diskgroups

Database mounted in Exclusive mode

Lost write protection disabled

Successful MOUNT

onlinelog 1 - created and open

SMON enables cache recovery

SYSTEM – created and set to default
SYSAUX - created and set to default
UNDO - created and set to default
TEMP - created and set to default

SMON enabling Txion Recovery
SMCO started
QMNC started

Create Database completed

USERS – Created and set to default

onlinelog 2 - created and open
onlinelog 3 - created and open

Set db_securefile = ‘PERMITTED’  à LOBs are allowed to be created as SecureFiles.

Shutting down instance (immediate)
Stopping background process SMCO
Shutting down instance: further logons disabled
Stopping background process CJQ0
Stopping background process QMNC
Stopping background process MMNL
Stopping background process MMON

All dispatchers and shared servers shutdown


SMON: disabling tx recovery
SMON: disabling cache recovery
Shutting down archive processes
Archiving is disabled
Archive process shutdown avoided: 0 active
Deferred communication with ASM instance


Shutting down archive processes
ARCH: Archival disabled due to shutdown: 1089
Stopping background process VKTM
Shutting down MARK background process
Instance shutdown complete

Oracle will start the instance and open the database.


Total 7 log switches are happening during Database creation

To Check the Background process from Data Dictionary View.

 where PADDR <> '00' order by 1;

----- -----------------------------------
ASMB  ASM Background
CJQ0  Job Queue Coordinator
CKPT  checkpoint
DBRM  DataBase Resource Manager
DBW0  db writer process 0
DIA0  diagnosibility process 0
DIAG  diagnosibility process
GEN0  generic0
LGWR  Redo etc.
MARK  mark AU for resync coordinator
MMAN  Memory Manager
MMNL  Manageability Monitor Process 2
MMON  Manageability Monitor Process
PMON  process cleanup
PSP0  process spawner 0
QMNC  AQ Coordinator
RBAL  ASM Rebalance master
RECO  distributed recovery
SMCO  Space Manager Process
SMON  System Monitor Process
VKTM  Virtual Keeper of TiMe process